Let a Book Inspire Your Actions

Sep 12, 2012

Edwards Family

Connections are essential for learning ... and I am seeing connections between several things that have been happening recently to us ...

  • I attended the Connectivity virtual conference (from the Education Closet) on arts integration a few months ago (there are so many similarities between arts integration and technology integration) where Elizabeth Peterson shared the book the Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and a lesson using that book found in her new book:Studio Days in the Classroom.
  • I enjoyed all the ideas I heard about connecting creativity, innovation, and learning! I went and immediately ordered the Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. I read it this week and was reminded of the blog post I had written the day before:Getting out my inner critic ...
  • I have been thinking about trying a type of art I did back in high school and really enjoyed calledpointillism ... where you use individual dots to make a whole picture. I mainly used black dots in the past but may experiment with some color now!
  • I have noticed that several of the art projects my little one has done recently at home have included dots. Her idea for a book this morning also included dots. When I told her that I have a book that we can read later (that I bought thanks to Elizabeth Peterson ). She asked if the book had a big orange dot on the cover and then told me all about it ... It was read to them in First Grade this week! :) Right now she creating a book of pictures based on flowers and dots ... or at least that is what she tells me!

So are you seeing a connection?

It just so happens that connection goes right along with the celebration of International Dot Day that is coming up!

  • Brainstorm about all the things we see each day that containg dots (you could use sites like bubbl.us you want)
  • Go on a dot scavenger hunt and take pictures of the dots we see ... even in the most unusual places! (instead of taking pictures we could make a list or draw what we find to use as settings for future stories)
  • write our names using letters from dots

We would love to find more ideas, so please share!!!

Go create a dot and see what happens!

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