Make Your Mark on International Dot Day 2017

Sep 16, 2017

Carol Varsalona

It's International Dot Day 2017, "a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration". Dots are filling Twitter like confetti from the sky. 10,007,526 people are celebrating in 169 countries around the world.

Thanks to author, illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, Dot Day has become a phenomenon in schools. Peter has inspired people around the world to make their mark with a single dot or a series of dots based on his fabulous WonderFILLED book, the Dot.

While my dot creation for this year has not been created yet, I draw on past blog for inspiration, like Make Your Mark in Life!, and past digital inspirations, like the one below.


Join me in making your mark in life. Let each dot you create be inspired by the unique you.


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