Places to Explore That May Have Been Overlooked Before?

Dec 21, 2012

Edwards Family

After our Wonderopolis adventure exploring various places all around Loiusville, KY, I started wondering about ways we could (and should) explore all the great places in our city and state. We live just outside of Winston-Salem, NC where there are lots of great historical and artistic places ... Old Salem and the NC School of the Arts immediately popped into my mind.  I know there are more places in NC we can wonder and learn in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, and in the nearby mountains .... so I decided to use social media to help me.

Here is the facebook post I used:

As a family, we are looking for some enjoyable (maybe educational) places or things to visit in and around Winston-Salem ... even to the Raleigh area or up in the mountains. Any suggestions for places we can go wonder together ... Thanks so much!

I know that I should not have been, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of responses I got (used many of them to create the word cloud for this blog post). People sent me suggestions and stories about places they had visited (I felt better asking people that I knew than just relying on a tourist list of things to do and places to go). I also had a couple of people (old and new friends) share websites that suggest things for families to do and provide a place to keep track of the different events at these places.

In order to help me keep track of all these suggestions, I created a google doc so that I can continue to add places to visit and things to do ...
Here are the websites suggested to me: Stir Crazy Mom's Blog and Kidding Around in Town

I looked at the list and searched through one of the suggested websites. I found out that there is a Curious George exhibit at the Children's Museum in Greensboro. Earlier this week, Madalyn brought home a picture she drew after listening to a Curious George book in the Media Center (see blog post to see picture she drew). I decided to build on that learning experience and visit the exhibit ...

I plan to write about that adventure in the future ... but I will let you know that I think I made a mistake when I told Madalyn that we could stay as long as she wanted at the museum ...

As someone told me recently, Madalyn is a wonderer at heart ....

After we came home, Madalyn was telling her father about all the things we did. After listening to her excited account, he asked her what our family adventure will be next weekend .. and suggested Korner's Folley (right here in Kernersville, NC where we live).

It looks like we will be continuting our family tradition in a new way of exploring, wondering, and learning together ...

So my question for you is ... what are some places near you that you can explore that you may have overlooked before?


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