Presidents' Day Wonders

Feb 13, 2013

Phillips Family

#36 How Did the Teddy Bear Get Its Name?

This Wonder shares one reason Theodore Roosevelt is remembered.  Spend some time reading or learning about other ways Theodore Roosevelt or other presidents are remembered.  For older students you could have them work together researching what different presidents are remembered for.  After sharing this Wonder, I shared the picture book, The Camping Trip That Changed America by Barb Rosenstock.

#132 Where Was Abraham Lincoln Born?

After learning about Abraham Lincoln's birth place and some of his early years in the Wonder, Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kelaman is a wonderful picture book to share.  Parts of the story is told in question/answer format.  Students will learn about Lincoln's love of reading, his height, his family, the Civil War, the Gettysburg Address and his assassination.

#140 Are All Cherries Red?

While most of this Wonder is about cherries, it shares the myth behind George Washington and the famous cherry tree.  When sharing this Wonder, I will be visiting this webpage, Facts & Falsehoods About George Washington at the Mount Vernon website.  Students will most certainly find these myths about George Washington interesting.  This is also a good Wonder to use with #142 below.

#141 What Is Presidents' Day?

Besides using this Wonder to talk about Presidents' Day and how the day came about, this would be a great Wonder to discuss President's Day vs. Presidents' Day and why we use an apostrophe to show possession.

#142 Did George Washington Have Wooden Teeth?

This is a great Wonder about two specific myths about George Washington.  It would be a great spring board for discussing what a myth is and having students research myths they have heard.  I also found this great lesson and quiz called, George Washington's Teeth.

#429 How Tall Is the Washington Monument?

I used this Wonder when talking about U.S. Symbols.  Be sure to check out the 'Try it out!' section to take a virtual tour of other U.S. Symbols and monuments in Washington, D.C.

The Wonder shares an overview as to why each president was chosen to be on Mount Rushmore.  This would be a good Wonder to have students pick four presidents from the last 86 years who represent United States history and persuade why they should be included in on a monument.


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