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Nov 14, 2012

Fines Family

We've been in school for 51 days. We are still learning how to "do school".  I still forget just how young they are - little sponges soaking things in. And you don't always see it (the soaking-in part). Yet you know its happening. Our daily schedule is busy. There is never a dull moment. We manage to visit Wonderopolis every few days. As we shave some time off of other areas we'll fine-tune our visits to almost daily. I still love it when the kids say "can we see Wonderopolis today?" This lets me know that it's in the back of their minds.  They love it enough that they haven't forgotten.

Yesterday we learned about Wonder #771 - What Is a Lagoon? I loved the discussion it created. We learned some new vocabulary. We searched the internet for other images of lagoons.  Some felt that lagoons were scary, while others thought they were beautiful. I told them that whenever I see a lagoon in a movie, or read about it in a book, I think "secret". A special place that only a few people know about. We ended our talk and went about our school day.

The following morning one of my students handed me a picture he had drawn at home. It was from a student that I least expected.  He handed it to me with an eager smile.  I knew exactly what it was - but I let him explain it to me. He said "It's a lagoon. There are some cliffs, some beautiful trees, and some water".

You can't beat that. School - home - school.


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