Simply Breathtaking

Dec 21, 2012

Fines Family

I've lived in the northwest for some time now and there's one phenomenon that I've just never paid much attention to. Freezing fog.  Likely one of the coolest things I've witnessed nature do this winter.  The fog and the freeze typically burn off by mid-day here so I don't get to witness it, but this particular day it lingered in the outskirts of town taking Wonder of the Day #329 one step further.

I was headed to pick up my little guy from piano lessons when I drove right into it.  Sunshine and clear skies turned into winter Narnia in a matter of minutes. Mesmerizing. Magical. A thick dense fog blanketed the area, and crystal white everywhere you turned.  I rushed to pull over to get some photos in fear that the fog would disipate and I would miss it.

The past few weeks I've been sharing about my wonder year adventure in Louisville, Kentucky - proclaiming, tweeting, posting that there is wonder around every corner.  As a WonderopolisAmbassador I can say that this is probably my first encounter of something truly wonderful on my own. Something so simple that quite literally took my breath away. Simple. Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking.

There are times when you experience something that is so special you want to keep it all to yourself and share it with everyone you know at the same time.  Ironically, I was alone but was thankful to have my camera to capture some of these images. Now I can share them with you.


[youtube yA13s1eGeV8]



What is something you've experienced recently that took your breath away?


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