Snow Day Related Wonders

Dec 10, 2013

Phillips Family

While there are many winter related Wonders at Wonderopolis, I'd like to share some of the snowy related Wonders.  What's better than spending a snowy day wondering about weather and snow?  These Wonders would be great to share before an impending snow, with your class via social media when they have a snow day off of school, or upon the return from a day off of school because of snow.

#79 Why Are All Snowflakes Different? (Lisa Kincer-@KincerLisa suggests using black construction to catch and observe snowflakes)

#97 What's the Difference Between Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain?

#103 Why Is Sand or Salt Put On Roads When It Snows?

#437 How Are Sleds and Sleights Different?

#463 What's the Best Thing To Do on a Snow Day? (great for graphing or a writing prompt)

#479 Do All Animals Leave Tracks?

#481 Where Is the Coldest Place on Earth?

#494 Why Is Ice Slippery?

#534 Do All Mountains Wear Snowcaps?

#769 What Causes an Avalanche?

#799 What Is a Cold Front?

#814 Can It Snow When It's Not Cold?

#839 What's So Special About Snow Tires?


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