Super Bowl Wonders and Activities

Jan 28, 2014

Phillips Family

Wonderopolis has created some great Wonders to go along with the Super Bowl.  What a great way to build excitement and add to learning before next Sunday!  I'm sure students, and some adults will be sharing their learning at Super Bowl parties.

#1049 How Do You Become a Referee?

#490 Why Do Referees Wear Stripes?

After reading this Wonder, have students brainstorm other professions and what they wear.  Have students get into groups and have them pick a profession and its attire.  Then have groups research why different professions where different kinds of clothing.

#377 Do You Need Water To Make Waves?

Not only does this Wonder tell what a sporting event wave is, but also gives dates as to when and where the wave may have been invented and became famous.  The dates range from the 1960s to 2008.  I'm going to share this Wonder in my second grade class and create a timeline of 'the wave'.

#341 What Is Your Favorite Mascot?

This would be a great Wonder to share and then have students research the history of their school's mascot, or a local or favorite team mascot.  Another suggestion would be to create a class graph using the Wonder as the questions.  If you have older students, they could collect data from younger classes and create their own graphs in groups.

#336 Are Footballs Really Made of Pigskin?

This Wonder helps students stop and think about what everyday items are made of.  Have students explore what other sporting items are made of.  For example, what is a baseball made of?  What is a tennis ball made of?  Wonderopolis has already explored, What Are Hockey Pucks Made of? and could be paired perfectly with the football Wonder.

#126 What's So Super About Super Bowl Sunday?

Whether you are a football fan, or not, you can't escape Super Bowl Sunday and the many commercials that run during the Super Bowl.  I know our family enjoys discussing our favorite commercials and why we like them.  Next monday, after the Super Bowl have her students spend some time writing about their favorite commercial and try to persuade the class why it was the best.  What an authentic writing activity!

If you use any of these Wonders this week and create a different activity, be sure to leave a comment and share what you did.


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