"Two-wheeler Biker Kid"

Dec 21, 2012

Fines Family

Yesterday was a big day for the Fines-household. Maron dissed his training wheels and went solo on two.  For the past two weeks he's been requesting that his training wheels come off. We finally went for it.

We suspected he'd do pretty well but didn't imagine him to be on his own in just under twenty minutes. He's always been fairly athletic and has a big brother who models most of the things that he learns. It was a proud moment for mommy and daddy.

We appreciate more and more the times like these that we get to watch our kids grow up, and we all know that it happens in the blink of an eye - whether you have children or not. We were just as proud watching Jack do the same thing four years ago and we were able to experience it one last time. I even forgot how sore I'd be the next morning from running along side. "But it's a goodsore" as a friend reminded me.


This is the stage that most parents want to freeze or slow-down just so we can soak it all in.  There are many things that we'll get to experience again for the second time with Maron and even more new adventures and milestones with both of the boys. For now we'll keep this memory tucked-away for the I-remember-when conversations.

Today as he geared up for his morning bike-ride (within a half-hour of getting up) he was proclaiming himself a "two-wheeler biker kid".  Thunderstorm and rain cut into his fun in about 5 minutes. He's been waiting at the window for the skies to clear and the sidewalk to dry. Just a moment ago he informed me that the sky was turning blue again.

I better go and cherish the moment..

[vimeo 45792448]


Next up...the unicycle.


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