Uniquely Us

Dec 22, 2017

Delsia Malone

I always find it amazing how my actions lead to wonders. As I created this art piece for my husband, I could not help wondering about our fingerprints. So many wonders came into my mind. Why are they different on every person? Why are the prints on our smallest finger more faded? Are my fingerprints an arch, whirl or a loop? I find it amazing how our fingerprints are unique to each of us. I also believe that no man created us so uniquely. It made me sentimental and I even looked back at the footprints stamped on the each of my children’s birth verification form. Tiny feet, long or short feet, but no print the same.

My fingerprints, although similar to my husband’s as far as loops and lines, are mine. No other person in the world has my print. My print on top of my husband’s print, shows just how unique we are. That is such a beautiful thing to me! Each of us has a print that is like no other in the world. We are uniquely us. We differ, yet we are similar. I was in awe as I had him put his hand in the paint then onto the canvas. As the paint dried and knowing he had no clue, I couldn’t help but go to Wonderopolis to research my wonders. I found Wonder #458 and read it carefully. I then stared at the prints looking for similarities in something I thought to be so simple, yet fingerprints are so complex. I followed his lines that were long and I then would look at my lines to see if they were the same. I smiled as I noticed that my hand fits in his hand. He’s my glove. We are uniquely us.


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