When do you celebrate sports and fitness?

Dec 21, 2012

Edwards Family

Did you know that one of the themes for the month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month?

I found this information on Thinkfinity:

Join the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and discover the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Learn more as you explore these lessons, interactives, and resources from Thinkfinity and its Content Partners.

  • Exercise and Nutrition Resources This collection of resources from ScienceNetLinks offers lessons, tools, and podcasts on these topics for all ages. (Science | Health | All Grades)
  • Reading into Action Discover how to turn an engaging story into a physical activity with ideas from this ArtsEdge tipsheet. (Reading | Physical Education | All Grades)
  • What Is a Slam Dunk? Trace the meaning of the phrase from its beginnings in basketball to its current use in other fields. Then test your athletic powers with physical activity followed by creative work on your sports vocabulary. (Science | Vocabulary | Grades PK-6)
  • Health Photo Gallery Consider the geographic implications of health and nutrition through these photographs that reflect how health and exercise are influenced by where people live, work, and play. (Primary Sources | Culture | Grades 3-12)
  • Write "Moving" Sports Poetry What verbs describe the movements of your favorite sports hero? Watch short videos of sports athletes in action and share what you observe in the form of sports poetry. (Writing | Grades 3-5)
  • Got Broccoli? Explore the connection between what you eat and the body's ability to grow and repair itself. (Science | Nutrition | Grades 3-5)
  • MyPlate Food Guide Investigate the USDA's MyPlate Food Guide to learn what foods provide the nutrients your body needs to be active and to maintain a healthy weight. (Science | Health | Grades 6-8)
  • The Victor's Virtue: A Cultural History of Sports Learn how sports, philosophy, and culture intersect through the Greek word arete. Examine Greek primary source texts to discover how this concept applies to current high school sports culture. (History | Literature | Grades 9-12)

When looking through those resources, did you notice the ways that literacy was connected to sports and nutrition in each of them?

Think about the opportunities for reading, writing, research, creating, thinking, and reflecting explored in those resources ....

As soon as I read the ideas and resoruces listed above, I knew there were some past Wonderopolis wonders of the day that go along with them ...

Here are a few:

I wonder what other pieces of information you can find on Wonderopolis or somewhere else to use to support this theme for the month ...



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