Wondering About A Future Astronaut?

Jun 5, 2013

Edwards Family

Alcott Sunflower QuoteWe wonder what you want to be when you grow up?

I talked to someone today who has set a goal and is working towards it! 

As a result of my NASA Launch Adventure, I have become much more interested in things related to NASA, space, and astronauts.

That interest led me to find AstronautAbby ...  Have You Heard About AstronautAbby?

I had such a great chat with AstronautAbby today!

She even answered many of the questions people sent for me to ask before I could even ask them!

Here is the video: A Chat with AstronautAbby!

What is your favorite thing she shared?

Did you learn something?

I know I did!

Abby and I would love for you to go explore her website, http://astronautabby.com/, and check out the many possibilities there!

I can't wait until Abby and I get to chat again!


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