Wondering Through Disney

Sep 14, 2012

Phillips Family

Last week our family took a trip to Disney World in Florida.  We haven't been there in four years, so everyone was excited to return.  Since we are "wondering through 2012", we decided to jot down some of our wonderings about Disney.

We wondered:

  • How many lights do they use to decorate the park for Christmas?
  • How much food to they go through daily, weekly and yearly?
  • Do the characters in one show perform in others?
  • How far does the average person walk in a day? (Our feet really hurt each night)
  • Why isn't the Wilderness Lodge (where we stayed) on the monorail, since you can see it from the resort?
  • How far in advance do they plan new rides/attractions?
  • Why were there so many large tour groups from Brazil?

At each park I found myself thinking back to all of the daily wonders at Wonderopolis.org that would make Disney not only more educational, but help answer some questions and help everyone make connections to rides, attractions and characters.


At Magic Kingdom when seeing Cinderella's Castle lit up, being surrounded by princesses and fairy tale rides I thought about wonder #21 What Fairy Tale Ending Would You Change?


When riding the Winnie the Pooh ride and meeting Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet, I was reminded of one of my favorite wonder's, #376 Where is the Hundred Acre Wood?


The day after we road Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom Wonder #465 Where is the Highest Mountain was posted.

(The picture above was from our last Disney trip--boy have our kids grown!)

When we went to the Finding Nemo Show and road the ride, I was reminded of several past wonders:

While riding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios (one of Ben's favorite rides), another Wonder came to mind, #199 How Are Acoustic Guitars Different From Electric Guitars?

 We had a wonderful family trip filled with wondering, fun, learning and made lots of memories.  If you are planning a family trip, be sure to check out wonderopolis.org to see if any connections can be made to your trip.


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