Wonderopolis Literacy Center

Nov 11, 2013

Fines Family

A few days ago I posted a picture of the Wonderopolis Literacy Center that I have set up for my students.  This is the third year with the literacy center in my classroom and it remains a favorite for the kids. The set up is pretty simple and utilizes a small corner of my classroom - and believe me, my classroom isn't very big.  I typically change out my centers every few weeks due to space limitations, but because the kids enjoy it so much each year, I've made it a permanent center.  In a nutshell, it's basically a literacy/learning center with Wonderopolis as the backdrop.

Photo Feb 06, 11 05 37 AM

Honestly, you can have the kids do nearly anything there - from guided learning activities to exploration and free play.  I introduced the literacy center three years ago as the recipient of a grant.  I purchased an iPad to extend Wonderopolis learning, blending technology and literacy.  It was a bit more formal the first year  to ensure colleagues, parents, and students that there was purpose and meaning to the learning space. Wonderopolis was in it's early stages and many didn't know about it.  Overall the center continues to serve the same purpose, but the space now blends itself into our classroom. It's not a separate part for learning, but more of a natural part of our learning environment.  While the center hosts a variety of activities, the kids have come to call it the "Wonderopolis Counter".  At the moment, I've noticed that this year's students love to use the space for reading, drawing, and making books - but remember that literacy can be found in almost anything we do in our classrooms, including Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - and Math.

Click the following link for a PDF of the set-up instructions for a Wonderopolis Literacy Center. I created this document a few years ago as a means to distribute to other teachers when they asked about the center. I suppose it could be due for an update/edit - perhaps soon - but here it is for now. Again, it will read a little formal - just know that Wonderopolis is far from formal - wondering is a natural part of our lives. Just as Wonderopolis has grown and changed in the last three years, so have the activities at the center. Keep it real. Keep it relevant.  As you would with any center in your classroom,  design the Wonderopolis Literacy Center in a way that sparks and piques your students natural curiosity and interests...then let the wondering begin!

Photo Feb 04, 1 57 32 PM

Don't hesitate to share your ideas. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to spruce it up.  And if you have any question I'd be happy to help you out.

Happy Wondering!


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