Wonders for National Poetry Month

Mar 28, 2013

Phillips Family

April is National Poetry Month.  My second graders are writing lots of different kinds of poetry this month, including found poems, mask poems and shape poems.  I hope to share more about their poetry writing in future posts.  Below are Wonders from Wonderopolis that you may want to share in April or during a poetry unit.

#889 What Is a Genre?

#821 What Is a Metaphor?

#766 When Will Pigs Fly? (figure of speech)

#761 Can a Word Be Both a Noun and a Verb?

#750 What Are Spoonerisms? (word play)

#734 What Is a Font?

#724 Do You Like To Play with Words?

#702 Are You Sly as a Fox? (similes)

#575 What Is a Poetry Slam?

#527 Who Is Uncle Sam? (figure of speech/personification)

#482 Have You Ever Been on a Wild Goose Chase? (figure of speech)

#415 What Rhymes With Orange?

#294 Why Do We Use Different Words For the Same Things? (word choice/synonyms)

#221 What Is a Limerick?

#202 What Is a Sonnet?

#169 What Is an Acrostic Poem?

#70 What Is a Haiku?

In celebration of National Poetry Month our Twitter #WonderChat will be on Monday, April 15th at 8:00 pm EST.  The chat will feature Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.  She is the author of a new book, Forest Has a Song.  Amy also has many wonderful poetry resources for teachers on her blog, The Poem Farm.  She will be sharing how to use Wonder in writing poetry and answering any question you may have about writing poetry.


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