A Lesson on Limericks

65 min.

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Wonder of the Day #221

What Is a Limerick?


Students will be able to identify the characteristics of a limerick, recognize rhyme and count syllables.

Big Idea

Who was Edward Lear?

Teacher will read several limericks aloud.

  • Have students view Wonder 221.
  • Teacher will distribute a copy of a limerick to each student.
  • Teacher will have a student read a line at a time aloud,
  • Have students underline rhyming words at end of each line.
  • Explain to students the rhyme pattern of aa, bb, c.
  • Have students count syllables of each line after it is read.
  • Students will be given a second handout of a limerick with which to practice.
  • Students will dissect limericks noting rhyme pattern, syllable count and other characteristics of a limerick.
  • Students will create and illustrate their own limerick.

Students will swap papers and determine if each other meet the criteria. Select those who volunteer to read aloud.