Are All Ladybugs Ladies?

45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #282

Are All Ladybugs Ladies?


To identify what you know about ladybugs and recognize new learning.

Big Idea

To use prior knowledge when learning about a topic and recognizing when something is learned.

Have the kids draw a ladybug in the middle of a blank sheet of white paper. Don’t show any pictures or talk about what they look like. Use this to assess prior knowledge. Have kids draw lines from the ladybugs body writing what they think they know.

Pull up wonder #282. Tell the kids that readers don’t only have the job of reading the words on the page. Readers also need to pay to the little voice in their head that is saying things like, “What?” or “I didn’t know that!” Tell the kids that as a class you are going to read through the ladybug information. Their job as readers is to nod when reading something they already knew and to put a thumb up when they learn something new and hear that voice saying “What?” or “I didn’t know that!”. Model your own thinking as you read aloud the first paragraph. Watch the students to informally assess who is noticing and paying attention to when they are learning something new. Reinforce and model the strategy for kids that aren’t understanding the task.

Have the kids go back to their ladybug drawings and add in new learning or revise their drawing or what they thought they knew. Have them write NL right after, so you and the child can quickly see what was learned from the article. Let them share what they wrote with a thinking partner.