Cruising the High Seas

65 min.

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Students will discover places around the world that cruise lines frequent. They will be able to compare and contrast nautical miles to regular miles.

Big Idea

How can we calculate nautical miles from one point to another on a cruise ship?

  • Teacher will share pictures of an actual cruise ship and itinerary with the class.
  • Students will list a wonder thy have based on cruising, the pictures, or itinerary on a sticky note and post on the Wonder Jar poster.
  • Teacher will explain miles.
  • Teacher will demonstrate how to calculate total miles traveled.
  • Students and teacher will calculate sample miles traveled together.
  • Teacher will explain nautical miles.
  • Teacher will demonstrate how nautical miles are calculated using a trip itinerary.
  • Compare and contrast nautical miles to regular miles whole group.
  • Students will divide into small groups and calculate nautical miles traveled using cruise itineraries.

Students will share their trip itineraries and explain the mileage.