Do Turkeys Run?

35 min.

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  • Students will be able to solve a problem.
  • Students will be able to retell a story.
  • Students will be able to sequence story events.

Big Idea

Do turkeys really run?

  • Using a KWL chart teacher will write student responses under the K to the question, what do we already know about turkeys?
  • Teacher will write under the W the student responses to the question, what do we wonder about turkeys?
  • Read book Run, Turkey, Run aloud to whole class.
  • Ask students how would they catch a turkey.
  • Affirm student responses and provide more information to support what their responses.
  • Divide students into three small groups.
  • Group A will retell story to teacher.
  • Group B will sequence story event cards.
  • Independent group will view Wonder #53.
  • Whole group will meet on carpet near KWL chart.
  • Teacher and students will read what is on chart so far.

* This lesson play may may span two days to be sure Group A and B meet with teacher.

  • Students will dictate what they have learned to the teacher. Teacher will write responses on KWL chart under the L.
  • Teacher will hang/display chart for students to see/interact with at their will.