Do you ever feel nervous?

55 min.

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To understand the signs of nervousness and how to calm those feelings

Big Idea

There are times that you will feel nervous but you can do things to make yourself feel better.

Read aloud: I Used to Be Afraid, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Have the kids discuss a time that they felt nervous and what happened.

Pull up wonder #1760 and read through it with the kids. Clear up any unfamiliar vocabulary as you go through the passage. Stop and retell what was learned in each paragraph.

Create a class chart titled: What Can I Do If I Get Nervous?

Have kids brainstorm with their thinking partner what they might do if they get nervous. Listen in and write down things kids suggest to each other writing the child’s or children’s names after so the other students can go to them for help if needed with the strategy.

Then have kids draw a picture of themselves and write in a speech bubble, When I get nervous I… Hang the pictures up in the classroom for kids to refer to as the year progresses.