From Wax to Wonder: Crayons!

60 min.

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Students will be able to understand the process of making crayons.

Big Idea

How are crayons made?

Show this video that goes through the crayon factory. The video does not have narration. As a class, or individually, have students create a timeline/flow chart of the crayon making process.

Read the WOD and compare the creation of crayons described in the article to what students outlined on the flow chart previously.

Select an extension activity to allow students a hands-on crayon experience (Many are STEM activities):

•Break piece of crayons into silicone molds (ice cube or muffin trays) and melt in toaster oven or crockpot. Discuss phases of matter, and heat transfer.
•Stacking crayons. Challenge students to stack 2 crayons. Connect with shapes, a circle has no sides or edges.
•Writing prompt: design a new name for a crayon. Describe the specific color of the crayon and how you invented he name. (Could easily be adapted to a digital station with apps that involve video recording).
•Use balance scales to predict and weigh everyday objects and how much they weigh in crayons. Non-standard measurement observations.
•Use coffee filter and 2 pipe cleaners to design a crayon basket. Have a class challenge to see who’s basket holds the most.