Power to the People!

55 min.

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Students will be able to:

*understand the persuasive power of a letter writing campaign

*practice writing skills to address a school-based issue

Big Idea

How can we use words to make change?

Have a class discussion:

Is there something at school you want to change? Brainstorm list on board. Steer students towards issues that could be addressed by the principal.

Who makes these decisions? Talk with principal beforehand about the forthcoming letters, and how he/she can respond to the students.

As a class or individually, read WOD What Is A Letter Writing Campaign?. Review list of issues brainstormed earlier, and select one for the class to focus letters on.

Based on grade-specific writing standards:

*model letter organization.

*organize paragraphs with topic sentence and supporting details.

Have students write letters to principal on the issue they would like to see changed in the school.

Deliver letters to principal.

(To be done at a later time) Have principal come to class or write a repsonse to address concerns in letters.