Red Rover Curiosity on Mars

60 min.

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Understand factors that make life on Earth possible

Big Idea

Problem solving on Mars can help us to solve problems here on Earth

Shared reading of Red Rover Curiosity on Mars

Red Rover

Written by Richard Ho and illustrated by Katherine Roy

From the book- look for clues:

Did life ever exist on Mars?
Compare the climate on Mars to the Earth's climate- how are they different?
What rocks and minerals do you find on Mars?
Are you ready to explore Mars?

After reading the book, ask students to redesign Curiosity. Encourage kids to draw the perfect rover for the Mars landscape.

Students in Cleveland, Ohio can follow-up with a visit to the Great Lakes Science Center, an NASA affiliate museum.


Kicking off on Thursday, December 26, The Science Center has six different themes for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade to choose from, featuring everything from engineering to chemistry, and physics to robots! Camps run December 26, 27, 30, 31 and January 2-3.

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Discussion of the four main science goals for Mars Exploration:

  1. Determine whether life ever arose on Mars
  2. Characterize the climate of Mars
  3. Characterize the geology of Mars
  4. Prepare for human exploration