Space Exploration

90 min.

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By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  • Identify the first person in space.
  • Identify the first person on the Moon.
  • Describe three aspects of space travel.
  • Creatively plan a mission to one of the planets in the solar system.

Big Idea

Students will explore the magic of space exploration and celebrate the historic milestone reached by Neil Armstrong while planning the next voyage into space.

Students will view the following introductory video.

The Astronaut's Guide to Life in Space

Discussion: Ask the students to share their impressions of life in space.

  • What would the students enjoy the most about space?
  • What would they dislike the most about space travel?
  • What challenges would they face?

Students will read and investigate the Wonderopolis article Who Was the First Person in Space?

In the 'Try It Out' section of the page, students will read and answer the following question.

  • If manned missions to Mars or other planets become possible one day, what planet might you want to visit? Jump online to check out Planets for Kids, a website dedicated to exploring astronomy from a kid's perspective. Check out the information about the planets in our solar system. Which one would you most like to explore? Create a video explaining your choice of planet and the reasons you chose that planet. You may use NASA posters and space sounds found in the resource section.

Students share their videos and discuss their choices.