St. Patrick's Day Preschool Activity

25 min.

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Wonder of the Day #9

How Can Math Help You Cook?


The children will sort, count and write corresponding numbers when given a bag of cereal.

Big Idea

How can we count and sort our cereal?

Teacher will ask the students as she holds one (measuring) cup of cereal, "How many items can we list that we have counted? They will create a list together.

  1. Today we will each get one cup of cereal in a bag. We will not eat the cereal, but we will use the cereal for a fun mathematics lesson.
  2. Teacher will divide class into three groups (A, B, C).
  3. Teacher will distribute to each child in Group A, one bag of cereal, a dry erase marker and a blank bingo board.
  4. Teacher tells Group A that first, they will sort and count the bag of cereal using the blank bingo board. Children will write the number for the number of cereal types in each square. (Example four moons are on a square so the child would write 4 beside the moons).
  5. The children in Group B will also receive a blank bingo board and a bag of cereal. Group B will count out the cereal when the teacher writes a number on the mini dry erase board (or when a die is rolled).
  6. Group C will play with puzzles and magnetic tiles.

Small groups will take approximately 10 minutes. Teachers will sing as they transition to and from small group.

Teachers will observe and verify responses of each child during small group.