Take Me On A Ride

40 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1239

How Do Roller Coasters Work?


Students will be able to:

*understand the science-specific vocabulary related to roller coasters.

*make a real-world connection to their force and motion study.

Big Idea

What is the science behind roller coasters?

Show the "live" videos of roller coasters riding from the Wonder article.

Ask students to share any roller coaster experiences of their own.

Read the Wonder article.

Assign each student a vocabulary world (some may duplicate).

Each student will make a Trading Card. A picture and the word on one side; definition on the other.

Have students line up in pairs facing each other. Students will teach their partner the vocabulary word, then trade cards. After students have taught and traded one line will move one person to the right, and repeat the teach and trade. Repeat for 5-8 rotations so students become familiar with multiple words.

Have students complete the WonderWord challenge on the Wonderopolis website to review vocabulary.