Weather Tools

65 min.

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Students will identify tools used by weather forecasters.

Students will identify the purpose of each tool.

Big Idea

Meteorologists able to predict the weather using certain tools.

Watch the Grover video. Have student turn and talk to list different kinds of weather. Students may discuss weather seen in video then extend thinking to other kinds of weather they know about.

Prepare a chart with the heading:

Tools Used to Predict the Weather

Underneath make three columns:

Name of the Tool What it looks like How it is used

Have photos printed out of the different tools mentioned in the article: barometer, anemometer, thermometer, doppler radar, psychrometer, weather balloon and a satellite. If possible, show the students the actual tools.

Teacher reviews the different types of weather patterns seen in the world. Ask, "How does the weather man know what the weather will be each day and even in the days ahead?" Students offer ideas. Read aloud the wonder of the day, #1676 How do Forecasters Predict the Weather? Before reading, tell students to be on the look out different tools forecasters may use as you read so the chart can be completed. Review the three headings. As students learn the different instruments, the teacher writes the name on in the first column. Break students into groups by giving them a photograph of the tool and have the group investigate what kind of weather they too might predict.

Students glue their group's instrument photo to the chart and report to the class the kinds of the weather their instrument can measure.