What is a Hurricane?

40 min.

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Wonder of the Day #334

What Is a Hurricane?


To teach kids how a hurricane develops and how to prepare.

Big Idea

Hurricanes are a part of nature and with proper warning and safety precautions they don’t have to be life threatening.

Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on Florida and there was nothing else on anyone’s minds. The anticipation was already there!

Begin the discussion by asking, “Does anyone think they know what a hurricane is?”

Let kids share some answers then share with a thinking partner. Listen in and share out what you hear the kids say. Pull up wonder #334 What is a Hurricane and read through with the students. Clear up any vocabulary questions along the way and have kids retell what they learned. Remind kids that the more they know, the more prepared they will feel when the hurricane comes.

Head to the weather whiz website link and help kids talk through what they can do to help their parents prepare.

Have kids write and draw what they will do to stay safe during the storm and share with the class.