What's in a name?

45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #681

What’s in a Name?


Students will be able to make connections with their peers by discovery the individuality of everyone's names and participating in group team-building activities.

Big Idea

Our names make us all unique and help us all connect.

Read wonder together as a class or in pairs. Take note, does anyone in your class have one of the "popular" names? Are there any names on the list you have never heard of?

Make a circle around the room. Each person will introduce themselves with their name, and a word and action to represent themselves that starts with the same letter as their name.

Example: My name is Renee, and I like to run (done while jogging in place).

Ask each person to repeat the person beside them. At the end issue a challenge: invite anyone to try to repeat everyone in the circle.

Have each person make an acrostic poem with their name...they can write a word or phrase beside each letter to describe themselves, their hobbies, or talents. For students with more than 8 letters in their name, encourage them to do every-other letter (for the sake of time).

For younger students, they can also draw pictures to represent themselves.

Conduct a gallery walk (students leave their poems on their desk and walk around to see each others') to share.

Display in a place of prominence in the room to celebrate everyone's unique name.