What’s the Best Way to Resolve a Conflict?

55 min.

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To set classroom expectations for solving conflicts.

Big Idea

Children need to know how solve conflict with others to build classroom community.

Read Mean Jean the Recess Queen by, Laura Huliska-Beith. Start a discussion. What did Katie Sue do to avoid having a problem with Jean? Turn and talk to your thinking partner. What do you do when you are arguing with someone?

Pull up wonder #1746. Tell the kids, “We know that there will be times where you won’t see eye to eye with a friend. You will both think you are right and want to stick to your own idea and not hear the other person.” Let’s quickly look through this article to see if we can figure out other ways we can solve arguments with our friends at school.

Read through the article and then have the kids retell the steps to resolving a conflict.

  1. Take a deep breath to calm down your angry feeling.
  2. Ask, “What are we arguing about?” or find an adult together and say, “We are arguing about….” So that you make sure you say what you are arguing about out loud.
  3. Rock paper scissors or find another way to decide who will talk first. Take turns telling the other person how you feel.
  4. Agree to disagree but shake hands before you walk away from each other.

Create a class chart together titled: This is how we will solve problems with our friends: Do a shared writing where kids come up and help write out the steps the class decides on using. If the kids agree to the steps, have them all sign the chart and hang it in a corner of the classroom. Use this space in the classroom as a place that kids can go to work through arguments.