Wild and Wonderful Weather

63 min.

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Students will discover how and why certain types of weather occur and they will become familiar with comparing fiction and non-fiction texts.

Big Idea

Different types of weather occur all over the world. Fiction and non-fiction texts can give us information about the world around us.

Begin with KWL chart and have students work in pair or small groups to access prior knowledge about weather.



Introduce students to a picture book(fiction) that has a weather theme(see below)

Have pairs choose a wonder of the day the has a weather related theme(above) and read/listen their weather wonder. Have students explore the vocabulary introduced in the wonder and share with each other what they have discovered about their wonder.

Students can also read a fiction story similar to their wonder topic and compare and contrast the information in both texts. Here isa link to a variety of fiction books on weather:


Venn Diagram:


You may wish to use a 3, 2, 1 style written activity for students to provide evidence of understanding.( https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/3-2-1-… )

Student complete their KWL chart.

Both of these activities can be used to assess student understanding of texts.