What is the Wonder Ground?

The Wonder Ground™ is an online network that supports educators who use Wonderopolis® to engage students of all ages in inquiry-based learning. Created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), the main pillars of Wonder Ground content are ready-to-use lesson plans and classroom resources, blogs from leading educators, and correlations to education standards. Future phases of development will include new features enabling and encouraging personal and group connections among educators.

Why was the Wonder Ground created?

The Wonder Ground was created to be a how-to guide for integrating Wonderopolis and inquiry-based learning into the classroom and beyond. Wonderopolis is a digital learning platform where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery for more than one million visitors each month. Its inquiry-based approach and engaging nonfiction text, videos, and quizzes published each day have made Wonderopolis one of the fastest growing communities focused on literacy and STEM learning across K-12 today. Wonderopolis is a versatile learning platform and is used differently in every classroom; the Wonder Ground serves as a go-to resource for sharing ideas and conversations around the use of Wonderopolis and inquiry-based learning.

About the Correlations to Education Standards

The Wonder Ground offers correlations of Wonderopolis content to today’s education standards. These correlations are performed by EdGate Correlation Services, an industry leader in reviewing and aligning content to educational standards. EdGate is the chosen partner for the Wonder Ground because its experienced and highly-skilled subject experts deliver the high-quality results demanded by today’s market.