Jon Reigelman

Joined Feb 22, 2016

  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Organization: National Center for Families Learning (NCFL)
  • Grade: K , 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th , 11th , 12th
  • Environment: NCFL envisions a world in which all families are provided opportunities to improve their lives and become strong contributors to society. We address our nation's literacy challenges by engaging all family members in learning. Our tools and services can benefit all families, but we focus on empowering parents and children living in poverty and struggling with low literacy and language skills. NCFL advances literacy and education by developing, implementing, and documenting innovative and promising two-generation practices, networks, and learning tools.
  • Biography: I love serving NCFL's mission in my role of Creative Director, which includes leading the Wonderopolis platform and its many offshoots. I'm an English major out of Centre College (Danville, KY) and have worked in graphic design, art direction, and creative direction throughout my career.
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