Petrina Burman

Joined Jan 10, 2017

  • Location: Antioch IL, Illinois
  • Organization: The Walking Mombie
  • Grade: K
  • Environment: An inclusive, respectful, community-oriented environment. My classroom is a dynamic and engaging place to be. Classroom decor is fun and related to both students and to the topics being taught. This allows them to feel that they belong in the classroom. I also use the walls to re-enforce core ideas, such as community, by posting photos of students, group photos, and student work. Expectations for student behavior are set early on to help keep them consistent. Students are involved in this to be sure that they are aware of the rules and the consequences. Since the role of a teacher goes both ways, I'm responsible for imparting knowledge to my students, but I also allow myself to learn from them as well. Learning about my students allows me to keep the material and classroom activities relative to their interests. Teaching a difficult concept with a topic that your students are interested in will result in a higher rate of retention.
  • Biography: Once I gave birth to my son, without a second thought, Idecided to stay home to raise him and that's when she officially became The Walking Mombie (sleep deprived and craving caffeine.)

    Since the need to create and help others runs through her veins, I decided to make the best of both worlds and created The Walking Mombie blog. Through my writing, I'm able to educate others with useful parenting tips, photography tips, blogging tips, and provide useful educational resources.

    I am also a graphic designer and photographer who loves spreading my creativity by creating educational free printable's for children, useful free resourceful printable's for parents and teachers, and other free fun goodies for good people.

    I live with my husband and son somewhere between Chicago & Milwaukee. When I'm not teaching or blogging you can find me crocheting, taking pictures, & reading.
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