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richo samson Apr 12, 2021

Apr 12, 2021

Entertainment Everywhere

Entertainment as a part in our daily lives rejoices our mind and keeps us active through out the day. There are many platforms like 4movierulz keeps entertaining with the stuff they had. Typically, social entertainment is defined by the individual ...

Olivia james Mar 4, 2021

Mar 4, 2021

Driscoll Reflective Model: Why it is Better Than Other Models of Reflection?

Reflections are often used when some negative & uncomfortable situation arises suddenly. Driscoll reflective model iseffective for those who want to understand their own thinking and learn strategies to overcome their own limitation. Not only ...

Laura McShane Oct 16, 2019

Oct 16, 2019

Uphill, Downhill

This past Sunday, I explored an old carriage trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. As I hauled my bike uphill, I realized how scary this winding trail must have been to passengers in the horse-drawn carriages going downhill. Carriage ...

Laura McShane Jul 18, 2019

Jul 18, 2019

FISH everywhere

Britta Teckentraup's FISH everywhere arrived at the library today!! This magnificent picture book is justification for the preservation of picture books in libraries and as collectible art! Britta Teckentraup was born in Germany and trained in ...

Laura McShane Apr 26, 2019

Apr 26, 2019

Ride a Bike!

Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? How about that first bike accident! Did an adult help you fix your bike when the chain came off, or after that first flat tire? Maybe you learned the basic mechanics of bicycle maintenance by ...

Carol Varsalona Oct 1, 2018

Oct 1, 2018

Summer Wonder Poetry

Have you ever experienced the feeling of sparks flying in your brain? I have. Today, I am in the creative zone, am energized, and eager to notice, wonder, and write but I am faced with a dilemma. Tonight, #WonderChat is discussing the topic, ...

Laura McShane Sep 5, 2018

Sep 5, 2018

Wonder is everywhere!

Wonderopolis strives to instill wonder in every child, every day, in every classroom, but don't forget to take your wonder outside the classroom, too! Libraries foster discovery and the wonder of exploration. You have questions - libraries help ...

Laura McShane Aug 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018

Train Adventures

Always bring a book along for the ride. Today I ran into this middle school teacher and his daughter on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Little Suzy was getting fussy, so dad started reading and immediately his daughter became attentive to his ...

NCFL Sep 5, 2017

Sep 5, 2017

Families learn about design and alternative energy with “Land Yachts” at the Covina Public Library

This summer, three libraries across the nation were awarded $3,000 grants, NCFL training, and Campsite Kits to implement Camp Wonderopolis® programming, thanks to generous support from Better World Books. These libraries provided Maker activities ...

Kristie Ennis Sep 5, 2017

Sep 5, 2017

Wonder, Wonder, Everywhere!

I have traveled extensively this summer as I have been facilitating training for teachers all over the country and everywhere I go, no matter how far, I see opportunities for wonder. I see books that feature wonder in the title. I am invited to ...

Carol Varsalona Aug 21, 2016

Aug 21, 2016

Wondering about Technology Use

It's #BackToSchool time and the Twittersphere is ablaze with tweets, posts, and quotes to inspire educators. Conversations have centered on technology from video games to creations, gearing all educators to bring their passion to the classroom with ...

Kristie Ennis Aug 11, 2016

Aug 11, 2016

Wonder Everywhere!

As my first full year as an instructional coach begins, I found myself missing the normal first day things that teachers do. Namely, I really missed decorating, setting up systems, and developing my opening day activities. So, I decided to do them ...

Delsia Malone Apr 12, 2016

Apr 12, 2016

Hey Car

It is #NationalPoetryMonth. In celebration of poetry, I wrote this poem. I was inspired when I saw the 55 miles per hour speed limit sign during weekend getaway with my husband and our two youngest kids. I wonder what inspires each of you? Write a ...

Edwards Family Jun 26, 2013

Jun 26, 2013

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn”

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn"That saying goes great with today's theme for Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder (Wednesday: Fun Places All Around You) …That saying was on the back of one of the green Wonderopolis shirts Madalyn ...

Fines Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

"Two-wheeler Biker Kid"

Yesterday was a big day for the Fines-household. Maron dissed his training wheels and went solo on two.  For the past two weeks he's been requesting that his training wheels come off. We finally went for it.We suspected he'd do pretty well but ...

Edwards Family Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

Wondering what a cheetah and a football player's face have in common?

I am getting some indications that we may be watching a bit too much football at my house recently (we are glad college basketball has started).Tonight while eating dinner, Madalyn asked us why the football players have those black marks under their ...